About NeuroLearn+®

Is this right for me?

Would you benefit from one or more of the following:

  • Enhanced cognitive function to give you that edge with your studies and academic achievement (regardless of what level you’re currently at)
  • Increased concentration, motivation and energy so that you can power through a demanding class/study schedule
  • The sense of a more organized, ‘de-fragmented’ mind so you can consistently perform at your best every day
  • An effective way to support the release of ‘Long Term Potentiation factor’ in your brain for increased memory formation and learning abilities
  • A remarkable ability to switch-off, relax and sleep deeply so that you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go the next day

If there were a simple and effective way to achieve all of the above then wouldn’t you would want to find out more…

What is NeuroLearn+?

NeuroLearn+ is a powerful audio brainwave entrainment program formulated to meet the needs of university, college and school students looking to enhance their academic success and effectively cope with a demanding study schedule.

It contains a series of audio tracks available to be downloaded and transferred to your preferred audio player such as an iPod, smartphone or other inexpensive mp3 player from your local electronics store. These recordings are not ‘music’ in the traditional sense but rather specially crafted ‘pulsed tones’. These pulsed tones stimulate and entrain your brain to provide substantial cognitive benefits when used regularly with headphones over time. Think of it like ‘neural exercise’ or ‘effortless meditation’, with a lot more benefits.

The specific audio tracks include:

Track 1: Neural+ (monaural tone) (27 mins) – This is the foundation track of NeuroLearn+ and is designed with a set of frequencies to support cognitive function, memory and mental endurance. It will also help you to deeply relax and sleep more effectively at night. It can be used in the evening or at night before going to sleep, or alternatively in place of a mid-afternoon study break.

Track 2: Neural+ (isochronic tone) (27 mins) – This track is the same as track 1 but has a slightly stronger ‘cortical evoked response’. You are free to choose whichever version of this recording feels most comfortable for you as ultimately, user preference will help support the benefits you receive.

Track 3: Motivate Me (27 mins) – This is a great complementary track to Neural+ and is designed with a special ‘dual brainwave’ set of frequencies to support energy, drive, motivation and overcome any limiting thoughts that might hold you back with your studies or lead to procrastination. It is ideal to use upon waking in the morning.

Track 4: Cognitive Triplex (27 mins) – This track is supplementary to the foundation tracks above and has been included to provide additional support for your cognitive function. It is a proprietary ‘triliminal’ track that contains unique affirmations operating on three levels within the brain. It includes a background layer of our brainwave entrainment technology to help ensure you are in the optimal state to receive the beneficial affirmations. With regular use it can be remarkably effective at reinforcing positive beliefs about your learning capacity and intelligence.

Track 5: Focal Point (30 mins) – This track is ideal to use at the start of a study session or just before going into an exam. It is designed to take your mind down to a specific frequency within the ‘theta’ range that supports clarity of focus and memory retention – critical for succeeding with studies.

Track 6: Digital Energy (14 mins) – This bonus track can be used whenever you need increased energy, focus and a pick-me-up.

Track 7: Attention Augmenter (30 mins) – A further bonus track designed solely to support people with attention deficit disorders by providing the all important ‘Sensory Motor Rhythm’ (SMR) stimulus. This ‘dual brainwave’ recording covers a precise range of frequencies within low Beta that are missing in people with attention deficit issues and alternates between a slow and faster rhythm. Researchers have found the SMR to be effective in increasing attention span, focus and the relaxation response in people suffering from attention deficit issues.

Why purchase NeuroLearn+?

  • It will support your cognitive function, memory and concentration like nothing you’ve experienced before – and we provide a 60 day money back guarantee on that
  • It’s a great tool for anyone looking to gain an edge on their studies and academic achievement, regardless of what level they are at
  • The beauty of this product lies in how effortless yet effective it is to support your cognitive function
  • Because of the Frequency Following Response, you will continue to receive further benefits from listening to NeuroLearn+ for as many months or years as you listen
  • It’s literally the price of a couple of textbooks – and there are no further levels or products to buy, ever
  • It’s ideal for school, college and university students looking to increase their academic achievement and cope more easily with a demanding study regime

If you would like to understand more before ordering then see How it works or Testimonials pages for further info – otherwise click Order Now.

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