About WorkSharp®

Is this right for me?

Would you benefit from one or more of the following:

  • Enhanced cognitive function, memory and clarity of focus to give you that edge at work
  • An effective way to feel more engaged and switched on in your job, so that you’re consistently at your best each day
  • Increased resilience to stress and mental endurance so that you can more easily cope with the demands of a busy week
  • Increased confidence and problem-solving creativity
  • A remarkable ability to switch-off, relax and sleep deeply so that you are at your best on the weekends

If there were an easy and effective way to achieve all of the above then wouldn’t you would want to find out more…

What is WorkSharp?

WorkSharp is a powerful audio brainwave entrainment program formulated to meet the needs of busy professionals and workers looking to achieve peak performance at work, as well as enjoy a better work/life balance.

It contains a series of audio tracks available to be downloaded and transferred to your preferred audio player such as an iPod, smartphone or other inexpensive mp3 player from your local electronics store. These recordings are not ‘music’ in the traditional sense but rather specially crafted ‘pulsed tones’. These pulsed tones stimulate and entrain your brain to provide substantial cognitive benefits when used regularly with headphones over time. Think of it like ‘neural exercise’ or ‘effortless meditation’, with a lot more benefits.

The specific audio tracks include:

Track 1: Neural Advantage (monaural tone) (27 mins) – This is the foundation track of WorkSharp and is designed with a set of frequencies to support cognitive function, memory, focus and mental endurance. It will also help you to relax deeply and sleep more soundly at night. It can be used in the evening or at night before going to sleep, or alternatively in place of a mid-afternoon break.

Track 2: Neural Advantage (isochronic tone) (27 mins) – This track is the same as track 1 but has a slightly stronger ‘cortical evoked response’. Please select whichever version of this recording feels most comfortable for you as, ultimately, user preference for the right tone will determine the benefits you receive.

Track 3: Switched On (27 mins) – This is a great complementary track to Neural Advantage and is designed with a set of frequencies to support energy, motivation and help overcome any limiting thoughts you might have that hold you back in your job or career. It is ideal to use upon waking in the morning or before work.

Track 4: Confidence Triplex (27 mins) – This track is supplementary to the the foundation tracks above and has been included to provide additional support for your self-confidence at work. It is a proprietary ‘triliminal’ audio track that contains unique affirmations that operate on three levels within the brain. With regular use it can be remarkably effective at reinforcing a positive self-image and confidence – which many of us find critical to get ahead at work.

Track 5: Creative Edge (30 mins) – This track is ideal to use whenever you like during the day to tackle a specific problem or use to brainstorm creative ideas on a project. It is designed to take your mind down to a specific frequency within the ‘theta’ range that is known to boost creativity and insights.

Track 6: Digital Caffeine (14 mins) – This bonus track can be used whenever you need increased energy, focus and a pick-me-up.

Why purchase WorkSharp?

  • It will support your cognitive function, focus and effectiveness at work like nothing you’ve experienced before – and we provide a 60 day money back guarantee on that
  • It is a highly useful tool to help you relax deeply and switch off at the end of a busy day, so that you wake up feeling refreshed and much more resilient to stress
  • The beauty of this product is how effortless yet effective it is to give you that added advantage at work
  • Because of the Frequency Following Response, you will continue to receive further benefits from listening to WorkSharp for as many months or years as you listen
  • It’s literally the price of a new pair of work shoes or a business shirt – and there are no further levels or products to buy, ever!
  • It’s ideal for business professionals (bankers, lawyers, sales professionals, accountants, advertisers, executives, etc.), medical professionals, shift workers – in fact anyone looking to feel more switched on and get ahead at work

If you would like to understand more before ordering then see How it works or Testimonials pages for further info – otherwise click Order Now.

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