About RevitaMind®

Is this right for me?

Are you or someone you know suffering from any of the following:

  • Slow or declining mental function and poor memory / forgetfulness
  • A lack of energy, vitality and enthusiasm for life
  • Brain-fog, mental fatigue and frequent exhaustion
  • Detachment from life and interaction with people
  • Depression, anxiety or mental instability
  • Poor sleeping patterns or insomnia

If there were a simple and effective way to address your situation then wouldn’t you would want to find out more…

What is RevitaMind?

RevitaMind is a powerful brainwave entrainment program formulated to support cognitive function, memory and enhance your quality of life like nothing you’ve ever come across.

It contains a series of audio tracks available to be downloaded and transferred to your preferred audio player such as an iPod, smartphone or other inexpensive mp3 player from your local electronics store. These recordings are not ‘music’ in the traditional sense but rather specially crafted ‘pulsed tones’. These pulsed tones stimulate and entrain your mind to provide substantial cognitive benefits when used regularly with headphones. Think of it like ‘neural exercise’ or ‘effortless meditation’, with a lot more benefits.

The specific audio tracks include:

Track 1: Neural Agility (27 mins) – This is the foundation track of RevitaMind and is designed with a unique set of frequencies to support neural pathway growth, memory, cognitive function and mental endurance. It will also excellent for relaxing and providing a deeper sleep. It can be used in the evening or at night before going to sleep, or alternatively in place of a mid-afternoon power nap.

Track 2: Mind Revitalizer (27 mins) – This is an excellent complementary track to Neural Agility and is designed with a unique set of frequencies to support energy, vitality and reinforce your commitment to well-being. It can be used upon waking or anytime in the morning.

Track 3: Health Triplex (27 mins) – This track is supplementary to the two foundation tracks above and provides additional support for people with recurring health issues. It is a proprietary ‘triliminal’ audio track that contains unique affirmations operating on three levels within the brain with a background layer of our brainwave entrainment technology. With regular use it can help reinforce positive beliefs about your health and well-being. It is unlike any other positive reinforcement technology available and can also be remarkably effective with regular use.

Track 4: Happiness Triplex (27 mins) – Like Track 3, this optional track can be used to help reinforce beliefs about your happiness, optimism and positivity.

Track 5: Energy Boost (14 mins) – This bonus track can be used whenever you need a quick pick me up. It is an optional extra but you may find you really benefit from this whenever you use it.

Track 6: Tranquility (30 mins) – A bonus track designed to support those people suffering from anxiety related issues by guiding the brainwaves down to a specific frequency within the Alpha range known to calm the mind and effectively reduce anxiety.

Why purchase RevitaMind?

  • It will support your cognitive function, memory and well-being like nothing you’ve experienced before – and we provide a 60 day money back guarantee on that
  • The beauty of RevitaMind is how effortless yet effective it is to support your situation
  • You will gain comfort that you are looking after your brain and mind “fitness” while taking time out from your daily activities
  • Because of the Frequency Following Response, you will continue to receive further benefits from listening to RevitaMind for as many months or years as you listen
  • It’s literally the price of a physiotherapy or doctor’s visit – and there are no further levels or products to buy, ever
  • It’s ideal for senior citizens, retirees, post-natal mothers, people recovering from illness or depression and anybody else who may feel depleted and is looking to gain a sharper mind and put the zest back into his or her life
  • It may be the best gift you could buy for yourself or a friend

If you would like to understand more before ordering then see How it works or Testimonials pages for further info – otherwise click Order Now..

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